Saturday, May 25, 2019

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Went 4/16/19 to turn in a lease. Adrian greeted us and showed me a few options. We were very short on time and we let them know we had to go pick up the kids in an hour and a half. Test drove couple cars while the numbers guys sorted out the details for buying my old lease or leasing a new vehicle. After all the number crunching was done they laid out the options and all the numbers to be sure we had complete transparency on the deals. So I decided to lease a new Corolla Hatchback, I drive a lot for work and need a reliable car. We got it all done in time l, big thanks to the guy who does the paperwork, he was so fast and thorough, ye got us out of there just in time. Then we took the new car , shiny and clean with a full tank of gas and managed to get the kids before school closed! See you all again at lease end!

- Gary S., 4/22/19