Friday, May 31, 2019

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

As a first time buyer I was skeptical with dealerships and the people who work there...
As I made my way with my friend to test drive a corolla, nobody helped us when we were checking out the cars outside so after getting some looks we went inside and right away Carlos greeted us and after some talk he let us test drive the 2020 Corolla LE. During the test drive his allergies started to act up and by the time we got back to dealership he showed me the NEW Corolla hybrid. He was great to talk to and great assistance. His allergies got worse and asked if I wanted to test drive the Corolla hybrid and I said hell yeah! So then he got Esa to help us and to help with the test drive.
Esa was great help. We went inside and started to negotiate. We went back and forth and as I said I was skeptical but he didn't come off as a jerk and was straight up with me. A little bit of negotiating and mentions of Hanlees discount then with a couple of trips back with his boss we eventually came to a deal after he got a response from the bank. I didn't expect to buy a car on that day but with the help of Esa I needed up buying my new car. Not only that but the following day he texted me to check up on me and asked if everything was fine and brownie points for that!
Alberto is also the man! He's a great guy to talk to but definitely makes you feel comfortable and explains everything to you as he had to dumb it down to me on questions that I wanted more elaboration with. I got lucky on having the hell with these guys! I had a very good experience here and well they definitely proved my skepticism wrong. Thank you again Carlos, Esa and Alberto!

- Ernesto D., 4/24/19