Monday, June 3, 2019

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

As crazy as it sounds... my family just bought 2 vehicles from this dealership over the weekend! My siblings and I were looking for a new car for our mom for Mothers' day. Carlos promised me that he would meet my target price or even beat it and have the color of the vehicle I asked for. I didn't believe it at first because the other dealer ship promised me the same thing and it didn't happen. He actually made it happened!! He beat my target price and was very knowledgeable and helpful! He is also very funny and make you laugh While waiting for the car to finish detailing ,my fiancée saw a car she likes very much... Peter was there to help her out and answer all the questions we had. Peter was also very helpful and knowledgeable , he drove the car to the front and told us to go for a test drive! So we did and we love it. We were able to work out some very good pricing for the car and we decided to buy that car too! It was such a great and fun experience to shop at Hanlees fremont! I would recommend all my friends and family to go there!

- Ellen L., 4/29/19