Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hnalees Hilltop Toyota

"  I just never knew car shopping could be so easy and fun. "  -Clever L.

" While I was deciding on what new car I'd like to replace my almost clunker, I reached out to Shayla at this dealership.  Of all of the dozens of people who gave me quotes and info, she was the ONLY person to be kind, patient, cheerful and very, very fair.  Her quote was better than reasonable, and she extended her offer when some life circumstances prevented me from buying right away. 
   Car buying should be fun.  You will always attach the experience to how much you love your car.  When you love your car and have a good experience, you want your friends to have the same experience.  Shayla is an intuitive representative for Hanlees.  She keenly comes to understand what kind of shopper you are, and where you are doing your car buying homework. Then she caters to your experience and needs so you can take home a car, the exact one you want, and feel really good about it.

Shayla is a great person to seek out when you want to ask questions and don't want to be pressured into buying today. You can call her and email while deciding and she'll answer all your questions and never make you feel cornered.  She will be there when you are ready to buy, and it will be the easy experience we all dream of but rarely feel when it's new car time. I just never knew car shopping could be so easy and fun...."

- Clever L. 7/29/13

Clever, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and thanks for such the great review of our staff. We're glad you had such a memorable and fun time, welcome to the Hanlees Family!