Friday, January 24, 2014

Hanlees Davis Nissan

My car that I love was recently totaled after I was rear ended at full speed on the freeway. I was stuck with a rental for 3 weeks before the insurance company finally deposited a check the Friday before a long holiday weekend. I was desperate to find a new vehicle before the insurance company took back the rental and found a used CR-V listed for a great deal at Davis Nissan. We came to check it out an were really impressed, but insisted on checking out a few other cars before making a decision. 

After scoping out what was out there I realized what I really wanted was the CR-V. By the time we got back, another couple was there trying to negotiate the sale. The thought of finding another car that I liked as much seemed impossible. Caleb in financing sat down with me and I told him I would agree to pay the sale price (which was a great deal on its own), but due to the holiday weekend, the insurance check hadn't cleared my account for the down payment. He offered to hold my down payment check until the money cleared my account and handed me the keys before the other couple bought the car. They were very polite in telling the other buyer that the car had sold.

I was worried about not having the down payment that day, but the dealership was willing to work with me to put me in the car that I really wanted. Tim walked me through all the features of the vehicle and was even able to put a few gallons of gas in the car for us before we left, which is usually not done with the used vehicles. The team provided me with a great experience after my horrible accident just days before Christmas. A big thank you to Tim and Caleb for all your help! I am very happy with the car and the experience I had purchasing it. " 
-  Carly T. 01/23/14

Carly, sometimes it's difficult to make everyone happy all thetime, but were glad that we could be there for you when you needed us! Everyday we strive to provide positive experiences, and we thank you for taking the time to share your visit with us. Storieslike this are what makes our daily commitment to customer satisfaction worth while and enjoyable. Thanks again and welcome to the Hanlees Family!