Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

Awesome service from Lisa! I had a crazy week which ended in my car quitting on me. When I called Lisa answered! She was polite, professional and understood my needs. I also appreciated her doing legwork and having the best vehicle pre selected for me prior to my arrival based on our earlier conversation. She was a true pro! I do wish the team would have taken time to review the details of the car with me. Due to the quick transaction I did not know basic things about the car like gas type, how to turn on and off the Eco option (figured this out on my own). All in all will go back again and I do appreciate her emotional connectivity. Thank you Lisa and team. " 
-  MJ S. 01/27/14

MJ, We are happy that you had a great buying experience with us. We apologise for not thoroughly going over the entire vehicle with you. Please call us at your earliest conveniece at 510-789-0800 so that we can put aside the time to properly review your car's features. Welcome to the Hanlees Family