Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hanlees Hilltop Nissan

I cannot express my gratitude for being one of the special members of the Hanless Hilltop Nissan family.  I just purchased a new 2015 Murano, not just any Murano but the SL top of the line (Praise God), and receive the most profound excellent service from my whom I refer to as my personal shopper for cars Brian Berglud.  You talk about first class service delivered on a silver platter?  It is that and then some.  Brian allowed me to experience the most wonderful buying opportunity of my new vehicle.  After purchasing my wonderful Murano, I just casually mentioned that my granddaugher was looking for a car, and WOW...immediately he asked how old she was and the kind of car she's looking for.  I expressed to him that all she needed was a "bucket" because this is her first car.  

Brian convinced me with the best sound safety advice, not not purchase a real "bucket" we old school drivers had to purchase.  He showed me a hatch back Versa and of cource the picky teenager did not want a hatch back.  Being the best granny in the world, I asked Brian if he had something else, and to my surprise, he found a 4-door 2012 Sedan Versa.  I brought my granddaughter up to see it and I jokingly said, "look what Uncle Brian found for you!"  She was sooooooo excited, which made me very happy.  Remember, I'm the best granny in the world.

I'm not finished.  I had a 2010 Nissan Sentra, which I gave to my son, and left at the dealer for service.  I wanted ot make sure that the car was in tip top shape when I gave it to my son.  I'm also the best mom in the world.  

Now Anthony, the Service Advisor, is off the chain professional just like Brian.  Anthony, gave me a play by play step by step, up to date with all the work that needed to be done (minimal), car was serviced as he indicated, detailed and when I saw it, it looked like a brand new Sentra instead of a 2010.  Not only that, the 2012 Nissan Versa I got my granddaughter, it was serviced, detailed in and out, and it too looked brand new.

If you guys have never driven a Nissan before, you gotta stop by Hanless Hilltop Nissan and receive the royal treatment just like I did.

The Manager of these men and the General Manager of Hanless HIlltop Nissan, should be proud to have them as workers.  Anthony and Brian are the best. This car dealership has a customer for life.  I am excited.  There is a reason why I have driven Nissans since 1997.  The cars are relaible and well worth the money you spend for them.  The value holds pretty good too.  I have owned the Altima, Sentra, now Versa and Murano.  Stay tuned, who knows what I'll buy next.  Zoom Zoom

- Brenda T., 8/3/2015