Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Dear Mr. Rocha,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful customer service I received at Hanlees Toyota. On February 22, I brought my Toyota Highlander hybrid into your dealership for some much needed service. From the beginning, your service manager rich, as well as front desk personnel Celina and Janessa were extremely helpful and courteous. As part of my plan to get my car serviced, your dealership was going to provide a temporary loaner vehicle to enable me to handle my transportation for the following two days. Unfortunately, the level of comp and collision insurance that I carry was not provided by my insurance company on my insurance card. This would seem a simple enough matter to resolve, as a phone call to my insurance company could have verified my coverage. However, as it turns out, my insurance company is extremely unresponsive with such calls. Over the course of the day, your staff spent approximately four hours of their time attempting to reach my insurance company to no avail. I want to add that I was there personally for approximately an hour and a half of that time and can verify that throughout this ordeal, they remained exceptionally responsive to other customers who needed assistance. At the end of the day, we were never actually able to reach anybody other than a recording at my insurance company to provide the needed information. As this became apparent your staff at the cashiers counter called Enterprise car rental and arranged for them to stay open after hours so that I would be able to obtain a rental for the next 24 hours while my vehicle was being service. The efforts of your staff were nothing short of amazing. I have seldom felt so attended to and taken care of in any situation. All of your staff should be commended for the extent to which they provide wonderful customer service. I will return to Hanlees Toyota for all of my service and automobile purchases in the future.

Carl S.