Monday, April 4, 2016

Hanlees Davis Chevrolet

It's never exciting having car trouble, but when your treated with exceptional service that changes your attitude. I drove in because my car was running rough, the check engine light came on, & was almost overheating. I didn't have an appointment & even though they had a full schedule Christina in service accommodated me. She pulled my car into the shop & had a technician analyze the vehicle. She advises that I need to leave car & can't drive it. I was devastated because I had just finished my last final & was headed out of town for Spring break! Christina was wonderful! She squeezed me in their schedule, had the part picked up from Sacramento & had me back on the road the same day! She listened to my concern & over exceeded my expectation. I couldn't believe it when she told me there would be no charge because it was covered under my powertrain warranty. Prior to this I had just paid another shop to look at my car & they obviously didn't fix it right. It's rare to find such incredible customer service. Christina had the shuttle take me home & pick me up. My car was up front, WASHED, & ready to go. Thank you Christina & the mechanic who fixed my car. It drove great down south & because of you guys I was able to enjoy my spring break!!!!

- H.K., 4/2/16