Monday, April 4, 2016

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

       Yesterday around 5:00pm, I was exiting 880 freeway of Stevenson Blvd, when I saw my tire light come on in my Elantra. Once I exited, the driver on the lane next to me honked and pointed that my tire looked really low. All of a sudden I went into panic! Honestly I didn't know what to do so I pulled over to see if my tire was flat. It did not seem to be completely flat, but I did see a nail in the middle of the tire. I looked up on my phone to see if any tire shops near by where open and ended up going to Wheel Works. I arrived at Wheel Works about 5:15pm. They checked me in for a flat repair, and waited. I saw a younger mechanic pull my car in and inspect my tire. He took the tire off and proceeded to tell one of his co-workers "Tell her its not repairable, I need this tire for my car!" I was appalled by the comment made and I quickly told the service writer about what I had heard. He apologized, and went in the back to talk to the mechanic who made the comment. He came back and said unfortunately the tire was not repairable. My blood was boiling! I got my car out of there as soon as I could, and by this time, it was already 5:40pm, and my tire was almost flat (punks didn't even fill my tire up so I could at least drive out safe!) Waste of time! Wheel Works NEVER AGAIN!!
         At this time, I had no other choice but to make my way to Fremont Hanlees Hyundai. I had never been to this location before, so I did not know what to expect. (Usually take my car to capitol) As soon as I got there around 6:10, I already expected the service center to be closed, and that was what I arrived too; A closed service center. ;(
       My day couldn't have gotten any worse, I was stuck. And tire was now completely flat. About 5 minutes later, I saw a technician walk out of the service area door. (Found out later his name was Jose Rodriguez) He looked like he was on his way home. He took a quick glance, headed my direction and asked me if I needed any help. I told him my situation and everything that had happened, and proceeded to tell me that the service center was closed for the day...BUT...
      He must have seen how stressed I was or maybe my luck, but I gotta give it to Jose; He opened up the service gate, pulled my car in and told me he would take a look at it. I told him my experience at Wheel Works, and the look on his face was priceless. He told me that unfortunately there are a lot of "shadey" people who are just out to get people for their money, and that I wouldn't have anything to worry about coming to getting my car serviced here. :) 
       He placed my Elantra on one of the lifts, removed my tire, and showed me exactly where my nail was. He said the tire was definitely repairable because it was nowhere close to the sidewall; And if it was, unfortunately because of California state law, shops are not allowed to repair sidewall punctures. (I did NOT know that!) He went ahead patched my tire, set my tire pressures, and he even topped off my fluids! ALSO NO MORE TIRE LIGHT! I offered him a tip and he refused. I insisted, and still refused! Instead he told me to bring my vehicle to Hanlees for service from now on. I thanked him for his time and for everything he had done for me.  I was on my way shortly, and my tire has no issues :) 

       All I have to say is that if you own a Hyundai, and you need honest work done, come to Hanlees Fremont Hyundai. My experience with Jose will definitely be a memorable one because he exceeded my expectations of what this dealer would be like. He went the extra mile to help me, and I'm sure he was ready to go home with his family. But again, If you want pure honesty, and quality work, come to Fremont Hanlees Hyundai! Ask for Jose :)

- Teresa C., 4/2/2016