Friday, September 23, 2016

Hanlees Davis Chevrolet

I am a little late posting this, but wanted to thank Hanlees Chevrolet for their exceptional service! My wife and I were traveling from San Francisco and the brakes started to go out in our Tahoe. It was very scary and alarming. We were on our way to Reno and this was Friday of Labor Day weekend. There is no good time to have car problems, but this was definitely the worst timing. We pulled into Hanlees Chevrolet at 5:25, they close at 5:30. We were greeted by Christina and she made us feel as if we were her first customers of the day. She was so bright, sweet, and friendly. We apologized that it was the end of the day and we were sure the whole staff wanted to go home and enjoy their long holiday weekend. Christina did not make us feel like we were intruding on her evening. She understood our dilemma and immediately took charge. She knew we were traveling through and since they were out of rentals she called the Nissan store across the parking lot and let them know we would be needing a vehicle. To make this process quicker, she had Jose start all my paperwork and walked my wife over to get the rental vehicle. Jose was great and again didn't make it seem like we were cutting into his evening. My wife and Christina came back with the rental and they both helped us transfer all our belongings. Thank you Christina and Jose for making such a terrible experience become so pleasant. Truly outstanding service! My wife was so impressed and grateful for the way we were treated. She told Christina, "I just need to give you a hug!" We were back on the road a little after six to continue our trip. We both are very thankful we landed at Hanlees Chevrolet. We have been to many dealerships and this by far has been the best service experience we've had! We have built a friendship with Christina and Jose and the next time we are traveling through we will definitely stop in and say hello. THANK YOU again!

Almost forgot to mention. Brakes on our Tahoe are doing great. Problem fixed!

- Sam F., 9/22/2016