Monday, September 12, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Hyundai

If I could get my service experience here more than 5 stars, I would.

My old car, a 2006 Scion XB, was unfortunately totaled for a lot of problems :( of course it being my parents and I always on the go, we needed to find a new car. I can't say how much it sucks to look for a new used car. I feel like I looked everywhere with no luck. I really wanted a sedan, a Toyota or Hyundai. 

I decided to take a trip down auto row in hilltop. this was the first of two trips. when I first visited Hyundai, I was approached by "Kaleb". he was nice but wasn't too welcoming. he showed my friend and I around but didn't really take what I wanted seriously. so after seeing an accent and an Elantra, my friend and I left. 

the next day I decided to go back to this Hyundai, and I am so glad I did. this time I was approached by Kyle. from the start he was really nice and didn't try to over sell himself or the cars. he showed me two cars, the same accent and Elantra. however he actually talked with me about the cars, opened them, and let me see what I liked. after chatting with him for awhile, I let him know I was really interested and would come back with my mother to see if we could make a deal. 

I came back the next day with my mom around noon. Kyle had communicated with me that he would be available and I really liked that. throughout the whole process of laying out the numbers for possibly buying the car, Kyle was very professional but also understanding and realistic. he understood we had a specific budget for our vehicle and he worked so hard to get us a great deal. because of his amazing service we ended up buying the white accent on their lot! I would love to go into more detail about the transaction but it would just be too long. 

Kyle was quite new to the Hyundai dealership. he had been there 2 weeks, and we got to be his 3rd customer!! I was so happy to have had him as our sales rep. he was very hands on with the vehicle and talked to me about all the features it offers while my parents were in financing. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car here, you will not be disappointed. my family and I are so pleased with the service and the car. without Kyle I do not think we would've drove off with a new car. amazing experience here, 5/5 stars!!

- Christine K., 9/11/2016