Monday, October 2, 2017

Hanlees Napa Subaru

At Napa Subaru/VW I have been dealing with a gentleman named FLETCH. He is a new addition to the sales department and an EXPERT in VW, in that he knows how and why things work; he understands the differences in the models by year, where one would be a better fit to your needs; and why. His technical VW knowledge is unsurpassed!

I have been talking with him regarding a buyback and re-buy of a Golf Diesel that will be bought back and then I liked the car so much (2011 Golf TDI that I bought new and now has 165,000 mi. on it) that I'm planning on buying one of the "emissions modified" as they slowly come onto the market, since I can't buy a new one.

Fletch has educated me and I appreciate that so much. He is a knowledgeable nice man who will help you find the VW that your looking for new or used. Give him your business!

- Allan N., 9/30/2017