Friday, July 6, 2018

Hanlees Davis Nissan

Walked in with zero dollars in my pocket and came out with a 2018 Nissan Altima Sports. I was so pessimistic of getting a new car because I didn't have the money or the credit. As a UCD student with a part time job I felt like I did not make enough to even purchase a car but I was wrong. Hanlees Nissan greeted me with a smile and gave me hope that I can get a car as a first time buyer. They were so patient with me and answered all my questions and fought to get the best deal out there!!!. Joan especially great sales person, gave me Comfort and the best deals she even let me test drive the car before I even had any questions and I fell in love with it at the instant. As a first time buyer I felt so nervous, scared thinking I was going to submit myself to debt but no. Nissan staff are here to make sure you do not leave empty handed. They want to be able to proof that becoming a first time buyer is POSSIBLE and an amazing experience. I want to thank Joan and the other 2 members who helped me with this experience today, I am so happy I got the car and now I can't stop showing it off !!. Hanlees Nissan just proved to me that there goal is not to just sell a car but to create a relationship with their new Nissan buyers and that's exactly what I felt ...just a great friendly staff who helps you and tries to find the best possible solution for you to be happy. For those who are trying to buy a car as a first time buyers PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO AT LEAST TRY!!! Trust me you may get what you want at a good deal. Joan is a great person to talk to and hey she also became my friend! THANK YOU, NISSAN !!! Sincerely, Satisfied customer

- Jennifer Z., 7/4/2018