Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hanlees Hilltop Volkswagen

If you are looking to buy a new car, I highly recommend Hanlees Hilltop. And ask specifically for Joe'l Arances. I first got a quote through the Amex Auto Purchasing Program. If you haven't done that before, check it out. You'll get the best price for your area - no need to negotiate for the lowest price. I initially sent my quote to VW of Oakland since I had purchased 2 cars from them before. They would only sell it to me for a few hundred over the quote but I was willing to go with them anyway to give them the business. As we got closer to purchasing the car, they seemed to not care about selling it. I had a few simple requests and they said no to each one. Frustrated with their attitude towards a loyal customer, I reached out to Hanlees instead where I was introduced to Joe'l. He said yes to each of my requests, no hassles, no going back to his manager for approval. We negotiated everything via text and it was literally within minutes. It wasn't a drawn out, all day long conversation. When I arrived at the dealership the car was washed and waiting for me. I just had to sign the pre-filled paperwork and I was on my way. In the time it would take to do a Target online order/in-store pickup, I was able to buy a car! That's crazy. If you have kids and don't have time to spend a whole day negotiating for a car, this is the way to go. Great service from the entire staff there.

- G.C., 11/14/2018