Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

Erick (Erickson) G. hooked brother Matthew and me up with a great vehicle that fit our price range, and which actually blew us away. First we called Hanlees before arriving for our first look at the lot's selection. I was surprised by how much Erick did not force us into buying something, yet was very much like how a family member would be if they showed you some cars. Even after that first meeting, our first day, and first stop, in search for a vehicle, we patiently decided to search other places to see what they had. The next morning, Erick makes a key follow up: he let's us know he found something we might like - if we hadn't found a vehicle already. In fact, though he found the vehicle moments after we left Hanlees the previous evening, he did not call us then, because he knew we were looking at other places. This is highest quality service. In retrospect, though the vehicle turned out to be just awesome, it was really the  icing on the cake.

- Carlos S., 5/13/19